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Here!  This is a repository of teaching materials -- of information and distractions pertaining to the various philosophy classes I have taught, am teaching, and perhaps will teach.  This archive includes (amongst many other things) syllabi, outlines of recent class lectures, recommendations for further study, and additional information on periphery topics ranging from biographies to historical context behind theoretical stances or to relevant associations between the material and current issues or cultural productions. 

Alongside this collection of teaching materials, there exist pages on my current research both within philosophy proper and slightly beyond its borders and an abstract of my dissertation.  Interspersed throughout all of these nebulous, digital places, I have placed and will continually strive to include miscellaneous notes, links, pictures, and sounds of note.  I consider these additions to be allusions, to serve like signposts, to further philosophical ideas. 

I welcome your comments, corrections, and suggestions; my contact information can be located on the “about me” page.

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“What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.”

—Ludwig Wittgenstein,
Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

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“What cannot be put into words should not be suppressed.”

—Jean-Luc Marion,
 L’idole et la distance

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